Life In Vu!!

Campus Environment for students and the greater Cornell community, Campus Life promotes a safe and welcoming atmosphere for students that foster personal development, an engaged community, and a sense of personal connection to Cornell as part of our commitment to the university's emphasis on diversity, teaching, research, and public service.
In Our Campus students spend their study life with their own style. They make it memorable with enjoying all the events held in campus. They celebrate get together parties for new coming students, say welcome to new students. In campus students sits with their group of friends, celebrate birthdays of their friends, make different celebrations and taunt their friends.


The one best thing of our campus is “group study”. There are so many groups of students which help each others in their study matters. They discuss all study and Assignment related problems and get find solutions of their problems. These study groups get proper help and then also provide help to new admitted students.


The Gujranwala Campus provides their female students the facility of a separate room. Only female students can stay there, where they can eat, they can drink they can offer their prayers. In case on any problem, this room also facilitates the female students.


Our campus provides separate computer labs for males and females. All students can use their labs and there is also a separate portion in lab for project purposes, in this portion students which have project, they make their projects in separate environment without disturbing any other unrelated student.


Students of the most of the educational institutions have to face parking problem, many campus of Virtual University have also ignored this problem of students, but our campus provide the facility to their students in wide area. Students can park their bikes and vehicles on this area. It is a great facility indeed.