"I'd recommend Virtual University to anyone because of its wide range of subjects, its high reputation, very low fee and a most modern way of teaching!"
Aleem Mehmood
Gujranwala Campus BS (Business Administration)

" VU I think is a place where you can become a professional for real life in your field of Study."
Awais Rafiq
Gujranwala Campus BS(Business Administration)

"I Choose The Virtual University Of Pakistan Because, For Me, It Has Many Extra Features, Out Of All The Other University, I'd Applied To, I Felt A Sense Of Being At VU Which I Didn't Get From Others…
Sheraz Amanat
Gujranwala Campus Bs(Computer Science)


"I don't find it hard to get High CGP in VU."
Muhammad Awais
Gujranwala Campus BS (CS)

The best thing about VU it tests one's own will to learn ...
Billal Arif
Gujranwala Campus BS (Business Administration)